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In addition, no human has ever been cloned before and that scares people about the process.

( Even though there is a very low success rate there still is a 10% chance that it will work, but let’s look at all of the drawbacks that even come with the first step in being successfully cloned.

While the cloning business isn’t well accept they are plenty of eager consumers who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to clone their beloved pet for no other reasons than their own selfish wishes and wants.

The company Genetic Saving & Clone promise to clone five cats for $50,000, which Hawthorne reported “that a quarter of the 60 million pet-owning households would consider cloning their furry friends”.

The thought of cloning sounds exciting and a big advancement in medical technology, which it is, but what you may not know, are all of the risks that come with human cloning.

Cloning is a very controversial topic to many people.So cloning should be left to scientific studies for advance in cloning research because that way it could have the potential to benefit large numbers of people.Cloning has opened a number of doors to many remarkable innovations, but it will come with the dilemmas of whether or not cloning should become a capitalist industry for future success.We need to improve the scientific research in the field of cloning where it is used for the benefit of humanity and not be taken advantage of for the marketing profit. 20th Avenue Oshkosh, WI 54904 Senator Ron Johnson 386 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator Johnson, As we all know human cloning has been thought about for years now.( Even if there is a successful clone there could be social problems that occur due to adaptation to their respective environment.The final fact that has caught the eyes of many people is that even if the clone is successful, it has been proven that there are many disorders that lead to early death. In the articles of “Science: The Clone Factory” by Charles Clover and Clive Cookson stated that Chinese biotech Companies “aspire to be world leaders in some of the most advanced and controversial biotech” because they would like to be the top company to use biotech technology.The scientific communities of other countries have concerns because they see cloning as a lower standard of ethic.In the articles “Here Kitty-Kitty-Kitty-Kitty” by Carolyn Said, Lou Hawthorne said that “we would have to be dumb not to see a business there” He suggests to turn cloning into a for profit venture that would benefit his company.By focusing on the business of cloning Hawthorne overlook the deeper problem that cloning might bring in the long run.


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