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You are trying to influence or change another person’s mind with your words.The writer tries to make the reader feel better about them by agreeing to the cause.

For example, an advert that says, “Smoking Kills”, obviously this claim is backed up by the FDA and WHO.

Or by stating that Colgate toothpaste reduces plaque up to 98% for 12 hours, the brand is using scientific evidence to prove its usefulness., you have to make sure you’ve got your facts straight. Because the writer has to research and perhaps gather figures and facts before the actual writing process.

are thrown out the window and the writer has to convince the reader of his or her beliefs just with the use of his or her own words.

For the sake of lack of facts, the writer has to come up with their own ideas and opinions that can stir up emotion in the reader so much so that they agree with the writer’s opinion.

“This volume spans the aftermath of the First World War and his assault on the Versailles Treaty and the damage it was going to cause, through to the 1920s and 30s and the arguments over the gold standard, right to his writing on how to pay for the Second World War.” Read more...

Persuasion by Jane Austen Silence and Signals Direct communication is impossible due to social rules and proprieties. With all her reasonings she found that to retentive feelings eight years may be little more than nothing").

Further evidence of Sir Walter Elliot’s vanity is again, depicted by Roger Sales who observes how in Bath, he has “nothing to do and so is able to devote his time to cruising up and down the streets in search of confirmation that no man or woman is better looking than him.” This not only reflects how little purpose he has in life but also shows how, although he is wealthy, it has not come from hard work and dedication like men such as Captain Wentworth and Admiral Croft have experienced.

Captain Wentworth signals the development in society in the nineteenth century as he represents the men who worked their way into wealth and it is this factor which contrasts to Sir Walter Elliot repeatedly throughout the novel.

She explores the reactions to the newly diverse interactions between different social classes and although she was “no snob, she knew all about snobbery.” Therefore, she is able to realistically portray the views of upper class characters such as Sir Walter Elliot and contrast them to men who have earned their wealth, such as Captain Wentworth.

Whilst Britain was involved with the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in the early nineteenth century, the navy had a profound involvement therefore this is not only Frequently, he fails to look beyond the exterior of individuals such as his daughter and also the men in the navy.


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