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For most students upon graduation, the only complaint about the libraries is that they didn’t use them enough.I know that I probably should be paying rent given how much time I spend in Clemons.First, we would have the Think Tank in Alderman until it closed at 5.

Jackie is a graduating fourth-year English major, four-year co-chair of the Library Council, and student representative on the University Libraries Committee.

We can’t thank Jackie enough for her enthusiastic support of the Library, and we’re happy to report that she’ll be back in the Library next year, working on the Book Traces @ UVA project and pursuing a Master’s degree.

After four years as co-chair, I can say that I am as excited about the libraries as I was from day one.

The libraries have become even more than just a place to study—Alderman has become my place of work.

My first year, I had a lot of trouble getting involved in extracurricular activities.

I was thrown out of the small pond of my high school into the ocean of college filled with incredibly talented people.Professor Stauffer continues to teach me why libraries matter through my work as a statistician on the “Book Traces @ UVA” research project.The project seeks to identify signs of past readers in library books, such as marginalia, inscriptions, and insertions.As I sat and heard updates from Karin Wittenborg, the University Librarian, and learned of different events planned for that semester, I was thrilled.At that point in time, Library Council had just made the shift to a student-run committee—there was no student leadership. But it wasn’t until finals rolled around that my friends began to appreciate what I was spending every moment of my free time working on.Overwhelmed by all of my free time, I was quick to agree to help.Early the next week, I proceeded to Alderman Library for only the third time in my life, and I went into my first Library Council meeting.At the same time, I can always take a break and grab coffee at Greenberry’s on the fourth floor of Alderman, where I’ll undoubtedly run into a few friends.For me, the libraries have been a haven—something I cared about and was able to teach my friends about.In my application essay to the University of Virginia I wrote, “When you open a book, you are opening a world of possibilities, venturing into the unknown, armed only with a text, a light source, and a bookmark.” In my time at UVA I have discovered that this is not quite true.We do not venture into the unknown here at UVA: we are guided by our librarians. ” This question was first posed to me in the fall of 2012.


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