Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Families

Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Families-62
You must have observed when you visit your friends or relative’s home , kids get busy in playing outdoor games rather than playing video games or surfing internet.Kids who live in a joint family turn out to be more social, mature and caring.It generally comprises of parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

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Joint family culture in India was common until few years ago.

Still in rural India we can see some people living in joint families but it is diminishing with time.

Sharing is caring — You share your gadgets , dress and food with your cousins.

These are small things but this helps you grow up as a caring person. You don’t get bored easily as there will be someone always to talk and listen to you.

Joint Family is an arrangement wherein more than one generation live together in one household. Stereotypically it grows when all or most of the children, predominantly sons, get married and bring their partners to live with them under the same roof as their family.

They eat food cooked in one kitchen&participate in sustenance the household.

We all know emotional intelligence has lot of impact on our relationships. You always enjoy the festivals more when you have a big family.

Emergencies — You always get support on a personal issues, financial problem, emotional support or medical help, you will always find some family member who can guide you and help you.

You don’t live in virtual world — In today’s world most of us live in virtual world .

People use facebook ,whataspp , twitter and other social media applications to get connected to people.


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