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The proverb had plowed the ground of his heart so that the seed of the word could find readily-prepared soil.He understood the gospel that day in a way that he never had before. This type of communication can be a powerful tool for the indigenous understanding of the gospel since it involves both cognitive and emotive elements.Everyone could tell that the communication was sweet to him.

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Anything that can help achieve these goals deserves our attention. PROVERBS OPEN EARS TO HEAR THE GOSPEL How many times have you tried to share the gospel message with someone but it appeared that their ears were not open to hear it? When 108 Builsa were asked why they speak in proverbs, more than one quarter responded, “This is the type of speech we like.

It brings laughter and enjoyment into the conversation” (Moon 2000).

Communication in Africa is an art form: how you speak is just as important as what you say.

Ong observed, “Oral cultures indeed produce powerful and beautiful verbal performances of high artistic value and human worth” (1982, 14).

They will walk for only a short way and then leave him.

If he speaks in proverbs, however, the people will not be able to close their ears!

He was smiling while enjoying the metaphor and the challenge of discovering its meaning.

Finally, the pastor explained how a fight between two horses is a serious matter that cannot be solved by using weak things like millet stalks (similar to long corn stalks).

I wondered, “Could this be an effective vehicle for communicating the gospel in a way that was sweet to the listeners’ ears and also sweet to their hearts?

” After ten years of exploring this question, I suggest three reasons that missionaries (both expatriates and nationals) in predominantly oral cultures should actively incorporate the use of traditional proverbs in their ministry: 1) proverbs open ears to hear the gospel; 2) proverbs clear away the fog in theological communication; 3) proverbs root the gospel in vernacular soil.


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