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Some parents may have the tendency to set certain standards for their child to meet while in school.And if the certain requirements aren't met then the child may be punished or suffer some other consequences, which soon will prompt the student to cheat in order to avoid theses consequences.

Add this to the fact that universities and colleges like it if you cheat because it makes them look good, whilst also having to make it appear as if they are doing all they can to fight cheating. Not only is it easier to do because there are so many people to monitor, it is also something that people are willing to give their meager life savings for.

That is why many universities has implemented a rule that says if you are caught cheating then you suffer a lifetime ban from education.

Academic cheating is caused by many reasons; parental pressure, poor time management, and failure to study assigned work are just a few reasons that can cause a student to cheat.

Parental pressure will generate the need for students to cheat academically.

The oldest trick in the book is to pay or bully the class nerd into writing it for you.

A classic text conversation about this is circulating the web virally now.

Many students cheat just to receive a passing grade and impress their parents.

The reasons for academic cheating are all understandable, but the solutions to these reasons can be reasonably effective.

Cheating is a big thing in education, where it faces many problems.

For a starter, there is the fact that so many people cheat that the only way to stay on top is to cheat yourself.


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