Essay On Christmas Day In Marathi

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Such is the craze of Santa Claus and the gifts, Christmas trees associated with the festival of Christmas.

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This celebration was aimed at celebrating the return of the sun and the end of winter.

The celebration is usually a weeklong affair and is marked by lawless activity and a system of penal exemption from lawless acts such as housing breaking.

Market shops and showrooms display a theme of glittering red and white colors to set up the Christmas mood.

On Christmas night, folks enjoy a big feast and share gifts with each other.

of December, on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ.

One can write for ages about the many wonders that Christmas inspires in people.

It is the special season set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Though this was its original purpose, the celebration of Christmas has grown to become a symbolic time for living in peace and love.

The answers to these questions are numerous but we would mention a few. Christmas reminds us of the importance of giving and sharing with friends and family. Christmas shows the importance of joy and happiness. Through Christmas, we know that Jesus birth is the beginning of great things in the world. It is also an opportunity to correct actions we aren’t proud of in our lives. It is generally an opportunity to think about nature and the reason for our existence.

Conclusion: Whether you’re Christian or not, Christmas is an opportunity for you to put your biases and ill thought behind in the celebration of a great cause.


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