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Despite this repression, a growing number of African Americans freed themselves from slavery by escaping or negotiating agreements to purchase their freedom through wage labour.

By the 1830s, free black communities in the Northern states had become sufficiently large and organized to hold regular national conventions, where black leaders gathered to discuss alternative strategies of racial advancement.

His autobiography—one of many slave narratives—and his stirring orations heightened public awareness of the horrors of slavery.

Although black leaders became increasingly militant in their attacks against slavery and other forms of racial oppression, their efforts to secure equal rights received a major setback in 1857, when the U. Supreme Court rejected African American citizenship claims.

The Dred Scott decision stated that the country’s founders had viewed blacks as so inferior that they had “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” This ruling—by declaring unconstitutional the Missouri Compromise (1820), through which Congress had limited the expansion of slavery into western territories—ironically strengthened the antislavery movement, because it angered many whites who did not own slaves.

The inability of the country’s political leaders to resolve that dispute fueled the successful presidential campaign of Abraham Lincoln, the candidate of the antislavery Republican Party.A small proportion of African Americans lived outside the slave system, but those so-called “free blacks” endured racial discrimination and enforced segregation.Although some slaves violently rebelled against their enslavement ( slave rebellions), African Americans and other subordinated groups mainly used nonviolent means—protests, legal challenges, pleas and petitions addressed to government officials, as well as sustained and massive civil rights movements—to achieve gradual improvements in their status.Like African Americans, most nonwhite people throughout the world were colonized or economically exploited and denied basic rights, such as the right to vote.In 1955, fourteen-year-old Emmett Till traveled from Chicago to Mississippi to visit relatives.A major catalyst in the push for civil rights was in December 1955, when NAACP activist Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man.Martin Luther King, Jr., was an important leader of the civil rights movement.Although the passage in 19 of major civil rights legislation was victorious for the movement, by then militant black activists had begun to see their struggle as a freedom or liberation movement not just seeking civil rights reforms but instead confronting the enduring economic, political, and cultural consequences of past racial oppression.The American civil rights movement started in the mid-1950s.racial segregation and discrimination in the southern United States that came to national prominence during the mid-1950s.This movement had its roots in the centuries-long efforts of African slaves and their descendants to resist racial oppression and abolish the institution of slavery.


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