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The techniques used for irrigation in many parts of the world including India are old and mundane and often cause immense loss of water.Several industries make use of a good amount of water however they end up throwing their waste in water bodies without realizing that the deterioration of water will ultimately lead to their own loss.

The techniques used for irrigation in many parts of the world including India are old and mundane and often cause immense loss of water.

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| Language: English | Keywords: heritage studies, history, archaeology, water management | download cover This book was initiated by ICOMOS Netherlands Water & Heritage …

It is used for various purposes such as drinking, cleaning, cooking, washing and bathing.

Besides these domestic uses, major amount of water is used in the agricultural sector mainly for the purpose of irrigation.

This publication follows up on a Heritage and Water conference in Amsterdam, the first of its kind.

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Its main purpose is to credibly present the importance and value of heritage and historical experience for water and sustainable development, and vice versa, present the importance of water management for the protection of heritage.Besides, quenching our thirst, this transparent chemical substance is used for several other purposes. Water is also used for agricultural purpose and is needed for industrial use.Here is a brief look at how it is used at different places.Not only do they provide water for irrigation but they also play a vital part in the water cycle.Industrial Use Industrial use of water includes water used for the purpose of washing, diluting, cooling, transporting, fabricating, manufacturing and processing of various products.Societies around the world are challenged to adapt to these threats to ensure water security, economic prosperity and environmental and cultural sustainability.This book deals with the heritage of water management and the use that was made of water, as well as the impact of water management on heritage.Many areas around the world are facing water deficit and many more are likely to face this problem in the times to come.It is time the government must take effective measures to store and save water and channelize it properly for appropriate distribution.Man also needed to manage water to find protection from its dangers and the need for that is increasing.In the coming decades, the impact of climate change is expected to intensify floods and droughts, affect groundwater resources, raise sea levels, increase pollution and enhance the frequency and magnitude of disasters.


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