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They share with and care for each other despite any differences.Love may be Expressed in Thoughts, Words and Deeds Love, expressed even in small ways, goes to strengthening the ties and bonds between people.

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Love does not require any grand deeds for its expression. The love of parents for their children is unselfish. That is how friends share a relationship of love and joy.

Parents love their children without any expectations. Love is a feeling that the human heart expresses in many different ways.

When love is missing in a marriage, there is constant strife, and it affects family harmony.

The result is a broken home, followed by misery for the man, the woman and their children.

It is the love behind what one does or offers that matters.

Thus, it is not the worth of a gift that matters, but the love that backs it that is valuable. Love is what brings out the highest virtues of the human heart.Love is all about appreciating a person for what he or she is.Gestures of kindness, generosity and courtesy, and showing empathy in times of trouble are not only expressions of love, but also help in strengthening love between persons.The love of parents for their children is without any expectation. Parents are willing to sacrifice their comfort and happiness for the wellbeing and happiness of their children.Parents do not grudge any pain they may have to undertake for the sake of their children. It may be in small deeds of gratitude, kindness and helpfulness. Love encompasses affection, respect, gratitude, and joy. We love God, and show this love by loving all creatures created by the supreme God.It may be expressed through thoughts, words and deeds.The Love of Parents is Without Any Expectations Parents love their children.Likewise, where there is love, duty does not seem to be a bother. We can share our innermost thoughts with those whom we love. Love for one’s motherland lets one sacrifice for the welfare of the nation. If love governs our action, it will lack all negative influences. When parents scold their children, it is for the children’s welfare, and is backed by the parents’ love.Happiness of the loved one is more important than one’s own happiness. Love is what keeps a husband and wife together in marriage. Parents love their children, and children too show love to their parents. Jealousy, anger, hatred and greed are negative thoughts and expressions that destroy harmony and peace whether between individuals or in a society or in a nation or then in the whole world. Likewise, when parents deny their children something, it is in the children’s larger interest as they love them dearly and wish them well. Showing respect and gratitude to one’s parents is an expression of love.


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