Essay On Man Poem

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What makes this work to be unique and popular in our times and before?

Let’s look at its structure and analyze the content.

Doubt is our enemy, although being an indispensable part of our conscience.

We always find something that we can question, and often think: “Something is wrong here …” Indeed, who we are to doubt His plans? Throughout the world, the hierarchy and subordination are everywhere.

At the bottom of the chain is earth and minerals followed by various plants and animals. Then go the subgroup of domestic animals are and after them – birds, fish, and insects.

A human is above all of them, but inferior to angels.Ten sections written in heroic couplet are united under four epistles dedicated to Lord Bolingbroke.Each of them concerns different topics: the sense of existence, God’s Providence, good vs. By and large, this is a fragmentary philosophical, political, ethical, but not religious poem.But being imperfect, we nevertheless are suitable for this ideal system.Section 3 describes another important issue – that the happiest is a person who is completely ignorant of his or her future.Section 9 refers to the absurdity of people’s intention to violate the Universal rules because this order determines the existence of man. Pope highlights that man’s body is natural and a soul is divine.Our pride allows us to think that it is easy to go beyond these frameworks and adjust Supreme Order to us.However, this is impossible, since a person does not exist by itself, but only as part of a larger whole, which is outside the reach of any living being.It leads to the conclusion that we cannot go against the law of God.Different creatures have their own type of communication, which is unfamiliar to humanity.We can only try to understand the universal world order of things by means of our own language and feelings.


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