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MLK wasn’t only the only person fighting for African American citizens but he was the only one who put his life on the line to do it, he was literally doing everything in his power to fight for his people and would not stop until it happened.The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was one of his biggest accomplishments.

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For example one of the Jim Crow laws was that the first four rows on public buses were to only for white people and the seats in the back of the bus were for the colored.

In the bus system all of the bus drivers were white, which didn’t help anything.

Another big Supreme Court case that caught the attention of King was the Brown v. This was a time when schools were segregated, blacks were not allowed to attend the same schools as whites; they would have a water fountain for African Americans and a separate one for whites.

The injustice wasn’t only about separating kids based on their race, but that blacks were not getting the same education or getting treated the same as whites, and that’s what brought it to the attention of the public. Ferguson and declared that it had gone against the “separate but equal” Doctrine declaring that it violated the 14th amendment.

Kings main dream was to completely get rid of racism and the discrimination of blacks.

He did not have one main plan to do this, he came up with multiple little plans that would bring this to people’s attention.He grew up in a Christian community in Atlanta, Georgia. A form of protest for this was the Montgomery Bus Boycott as well as the march by the Lincoln memorial. Sixteen sermons and one essay entitled "Pilgrimage to Nonviolence." King, Martin Luther, Jr., Why We Can't Wait. King, Martin Luther, Jr., Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? King, Martin Luther, Jr., The Trumpet of Conscience. (1986) The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Clayborne Carson (1998) Books written by him: King, Martin Luther, Jr., Stride toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story. He married Coretta Scott and worked as a doctor of Philosophy. An estimated 200,000 to 300,000 demonstrators gathered there, where King delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Parks’s arrest helped the Montgomery Improvement Association come up with the NAACP.This program had led to a boycott of the bus system and chose Martin Luther King to be the leader.The boycott had lasted over a year, and although King had went through some very hard times, being threatened, arrested and even having his house bombed, he had a goal in mind and would stop at nothing until he finished what he promised his people.By December of 1956 the boycott had a clear victory and the court had ruled that the racial segregation on public buses was unconstitutional.Sacrifices He made many sacrifices for his cause; he was stabbed by a mentally deranged woman from Adrian, Georgia while on a book tour in New York City, his house was bombed when the situation of the Bus Boycott became too tense, and in the end he sacrificed his life, when he was assassinated on his balcony taking a breath of fresh air after arriving late in Memphis after a bomb threat on his plane. "Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see." King, Martin Luther, Jr., Stride toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story. When people talk about Martin Luther King, they nearly always mean Martin Luther King Jr. By May 17, 1954 the Supreme Court had declared the racial segregation in schools unconstitutional.Although people now see Martin Luther King as a hero, back then he was both the most loved and the most hated men of that time.


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