Essay On Moral Values In Life

Essay On Moral Values In Life-83
When our own vested interests surpass the societal good then such things happen.

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Therefore, our actual need is eternal goodness in the heart, and in the thoughts.

When one generation transfers the moral lesson into the next generation; it brings positivity into next generation life.

Most of the people do not have any respect for elders and females, speaking lies has become their habit and there is corruption and jealousy everywhere depleting the much desired moral values. Do you think moral values are directly related to the sort of clothes we wear and type of life we spend? I personally feel that if you do not indulge in any kind of bad habit, if you respect your elders and females, if you are true to everyone, if you are a good citizen and a human being in every sense then you are a moral person.

To be a moral person every belief and thought should be strong and determined.

Hence school education system must include moral and social values.

helps everyone to build the character in the Society.Apart from education, schools should indulge in activities to generate the feeling of brotherhood and love.Schools must participate in social causes through schools kids.Most of the people believe that acquiring assets is the ultimate source of happiness.In the contemporary time, it seems accurate to some extent but when we perceive balance life; we realize the acquiring wealth isn't the absolute source of happiness.Therefore moral values must be taught and should be an indispensable part of our education system.Teachers should train every child for his or her future responsibilities.Restlessness among youth is the major cause of crime.Openness, easy access to unwanted elements and lack of self control are becoming bad components of our society. Education must focus on the all round development of a child because moral values help in making complete human beings not just individuals. Even if analyzed properly then lack of moral value is the root cause of corruption.The Moral lessons which people receive from their previous generation build their character strong.It makes them eligible to deal with any adverse situation that may come in their life.


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