Essay On Muharram Ul Haram

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Whereas, according to the Sunni Muslims, it is the day when Moses got victory over Egyptian Pharaohs.

According to the history, it is considered as the Moses was a religious Islam leader, who was propagating the religious teachings among people all around the world.

Therefore AD 622 became the 1 AH and since the decision to migrate was made right at the end of the month of Dhul-Hajj, and the first moon to rise after this was that of Muharram, thus Muharram came to be the first month of the Islamic Hijri calendar.

(Fatah Al bari 334/7 Hadith 3934) Junaid Baghdadi has said, “Assess each moment of life by evaluating how close you have come to Allah , and the most excellent prayer after what is prescribed is prayer during the night.” [Muslim 6: 2661] Prophet Muhammad (saw) called Muharram “Allah’s Month” which shows its importance and sanctity and the fasts of the month of Muharram are most reward able ones among the was made optional.

He informed Umar (ra) about it who then decided to resolve this issue by setting up a small committee.

It was decided that the Islamic calendar will begin from the hijra (migration) of the Muslims from Mecca to Medina.And he got victory on the tenth day of the Muharram over the Pharaohs of Egypt.Both factions of the Muslim community celebrate this day with almost identical traditions.The tenth day of the Muharram is of great importance, celebrated by the Shia Muslims in order to mourn the death of Hussain Ibn Ali whereas by the Sunni Muslims in order observe the victory of Moses over Egyptian Pharaoh.According to the Shia Muslim, Hussain Ibn Ali was the famous figure in the Muslim religion and considered as the member of the Muhammad’s household.Muharram festival 2019 would be celebrated by the people of Islam religion all over the world on 10th of September Tuesday.Dates of the celebration may vary according to the place.It is based on the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD.However, the use of the Hijri calendar began in AD 639 or 17 AH during the Khilafat of Syedna Umar Farooq (ra).“Abu Qatada al-Ansari (Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) was asked about his fasting…He was asked about fasting on the day of ‘Ashura (10th of Muharram), whereupon be said: It expiates the sins of the preceding year…”[Muslim: Book 06: Hadith 2603] Hazrat Musa (as) and his people the Bani Israel were saved from the Egyptian Pharaoh by the miracle of the parting of the sea on the day of Ashura.


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