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People who read the play or watched films that adopted its plot feel the touch of this tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.With regards to this play, people hold different opinions and interpretations.This shows that Juliet is already proving her ability to think independently.

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Some feel sorry about their eventual death while others think that their final death reconciled their feuding families and united the two lovers.

This essay will argue that by breaking the rules, Romeo and Juliet finally attain success and independence.

He ends it but commits a bigger crime when he falls in love with Juliet, a real daughter of the Capulet.

His readiness to break the rules and attend the ball at the Capulet portrays his quest for independence. However, he attends the ball and comes to the balcony of Juliet after her beauty attracts him.

I had a simple rule: if Prince listened to it, I listened to it. It was such a banner year for the use of drum machines, from Arthur Baker to Afrika Bambaataa. magazine, he was telling tall tales left and right. He built a crew, a posse, around his look and his sense of style.

Prince’s programming work on 1999 was beyond anything I had ever heard, just as innovative as the best hip-hop producers in the years to come: the Bomb Squad, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Dr. This argument stands on the fact that even though both Juliet and Romeo died through committing suicide, they attain success in the form of unity between the Montagues and the Capulets.Their death helped their families go through a recognition stage. Whenever it seemed like too steep a climb, I reminded myself that Prince did it, so I had to a famous play by the great playwright William Shakespeare.The two lovers ought not to show their love to each other because of this long standing feud. However, in spite of the feud between their families, Romeo and Juliet assert their independence but end up in a tragic predicament.The Balcony scene is the first indication of Romeo and Juliet’s readiness to break social rules and have independent wills.“Unknown to me then, but not unseen or unheard, thanks to magazines, TV, radio, and my secret stash — [Prince] was a guide to me in every way.” The drummer goes on to detail the importance of the Purple One’s tastes, his relationship to hip-hop, and his role as a motivator. I wouldn’t have started listening to Joni Mitchell without him. He had parents up in arms over the content of his songs to the point where they had to invent the Parental Advisory warning. (Quest also shares a solid anecdote.) Read on for the highlights: On Prince’s Tastes I studied his fashion, I studied his affect. And that led me to Jaco Pastorius, who led me to Wayne Shorter, who led me to Miles Davis. When he was giving interviews on the regular to Cynthia Horner in Right On! When Romeo attends the ball and follows Juliet to the balcony, he proves that just like Juliet, the social and family rules do not confine him.He is instead ready to pursue his own desires and make his own decisions about his own love affairs.


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