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I have been warned by friends never to make eye contact with them, never to laugh at their ridiculous clothing combinations (white, skin-tight trousers and vest, black belt and a bright yellow handphone stuck to the hip) and never to get into an argument with them because they are usually armed with knives or, wait for it, parangs. [W]hen he started out, he found jeers of ‘ (from Straits Times Interactive), 20 March. He used to be a loan shark or Ah Long, and the headman for Ang Soon Tong secret society. That’s definitely racist.’ However, the ‘gui’ bit has long been dropped from the term, defanging it considerably. Both ‘ang moh gui’ and ‘gwailo’ – Cantonese for ‘devil person’ – originated from the initial Chinese suspicion of foreigners way back in those days when the country saw itself as the Middle Kingdom. And so, there was, and is, Ang Moh (Caucasian) Kio.

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2006 The Sunday Times (from Straits Times Interactive), 7 August. Half of them in my head, from me complaining about me to me. Then they turn into a droning noise like an air-con that’s been running too long. My advice is: Go bargain with public servants if you want. For $32 you get a whole grilled tilapia served on a banana leaf with wing beans or lady’s fingers.

The texture of the rice ball is so smooth that your lips could clamp down on one and it wouldn’t stick to you. Singaporeans are debating Administrative Service and ministerial pay. 2006 Weekend Today, 15–16 November, 37 The new dish of assam fish was in a league of its own.

I was still getting to grips with the local parlance. If heartlander uncles and aunties are shocked, then all the better, because this reaction means that they have achieved their raison d The Sunday Times (Life Style), 8 March, 2 The word “auntie” conjures up an image of a nagging old woman with a bad perm while “uncle” is more likely to be a fuddy-duddy balding old man in a singlet and shorts hanging out at the void deck. ), 14 March, E6 I would be offended if someone were to address me as “auntie”, especially if that person is older than me.

Singlish – an unconventional brand of English with a smattering of Chinese and Malay thrown in – was my next hurdle. If I am an “auntie”, then what would that make my mother?

as an interjection of sorrowful surprise, = adoh hai; cf. 2005 The Sunday Times (Life Style) (from Straits Times Interactive), 31 July. Loh Yeow Seng, 59, started helping at his father’s stall in the now-demolished Ellenborough market, near Clarke Quay, more than 30 years ago. An obvious corruption used to ridicule A-Level trainees when they failed to meet commanders’ expectations. Mop up milky vegetable stew with it, or drizzle coconut milk over the appom’s centre for a sweet, spongy treat. This may denote either the person’s ability at doing it or the superior’s ‘niceness’): Hokkien. I asked a fellow expat who’d been here a bit longer what it meant. The Arab navigators applied the name to both Sumatra and Java, whence Jawi, q.v. asam J[awa] (tamarind)..] Today (from, 21 September.

[Kitab Gemala Hikmat] 84 and the riddling description of a durian (pěgang adohi, buka ambohi) «oh! And, in keeping with the Teochew tradition, the sugar syrup is flavoured simply with pandan leaves. The Arabian Nights or A Thousand and One Nights; compare Ali Baba basket a tall laundry basket resembling in shape the oil-jars in which the thieves hid to attack Ali Baba] 112 At the General Supply Base, they receive their army kit, and an ‘Ali Baba’ bag, a big duffle bag large enough to contain all their kit.. 2003 Streats, 23 December, 24 A cook prepares the appoms in front of the restaurant, to perfectly tissue-thin crisp edges and soft, fluffy centres. Get into favour with (usually aimed at someone who gets on well with his superiors. “I’ve been arrowed to work on that NDP [National Day Parade] project.” .. Java is described by early Indian writers as rich in millet and gold; it may have got its name from the millet.

As their name suggests, these Hokkien-originated “red tortoise cakes” are shaped to look like bone-hard tortoise shells.

But I would certainly not write that down in an essay. (Life Style), 30 July, L27 Ang ku kueh are a paradox.

Others splash paint on doors in the dead of the night., 5 October, L38 Machine-made ah-balling, or glutinous rice balls, are now readily available in supermarkets. All five types of fillings – red bean, green bean, yam, peanut and sesame – are made by hand. the fact that the bag appears tall enough to contain a person, like the oil-jars that the thieves hid in to attack Ali Baba, a fictional character in the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves f. To the young recruit who is already carrying a civilian bag packed with his belongings and spare civilian clothing, the Ali Baba bag is a man-size load. , 3 May, 2 It appears that the cause of the rash act [attempted suicide] was a domestic quarrel between the wretched man and his wife, arising, it is said, from the refusal of the latter to accept an appome, or native cake, which the husband had brought home. the practice of drawing or stamping an arrow on a document against a name to direct the document to that person for his or her attention] freq. Example: My colleague fell ill, so I kena arrow by my boss to write this boring proposal for the client. “I can’t meet you for lunch tomorrow,” said a new colleague.

In the old days, loansharks and borrowers met in coffeeshops, often in Geylang – to discuss the terms of a loan, hand out money, and collect repayments. Now, they deliver “hell notes” to the debtor and his neighbours through their post boxes. Famous for its curry fish head, this popular restaurant has created a new variant, tandoori fish head.. Angkoli fish heads are marinated in a secret sauce before being roasted in a tandoor oven. The fresh ang ko li (red snapper) is cooked just right – tender enough for the flesh to just come off the fork. If you are the person being given such a task, the correct response is ‘I kena arrow’.


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