Essay On Stereotyping Prejudice And Discrimination

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For example, Jeff thinks that vegetarians all listen to sitar music and nothing else. Let's look closer at how people judge others based on their group affiliation through stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. He has a picture in his head about what a vegetarian is like, and sitar music is included in it.A belief about a certain group of people is called a stereotype.Watch this lesson to find out about stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Some of them are true, and some are just based on stereotypes and prejudice. Whether that group is racial, gender-based, or something like what a person chooses to eat, everyone belongs to at least one group.

Prejudice is a feeling towards a person based on their affiliation with a group.They might not even know that the other person doesn't like them. But, what happens when prejudice influences a person's behavior?An action that denies the rights of a person due to their membership in a group is called discrimination.For example, Eddie thinks that meat eaters don't care about the environment, which is (as we've already seen) a stereotype.But if he decides that he doesn't like Jeff just based on the fact that Jeff eats meat, then he is being prejudiced.Those are positive stereotypes because they reflect well on the group.On the other hand, he also thinks that vegetarians are pedantic and holier-than-thou, which are negative stereotypes.His action of denying Jeff a promotion due to the fact that Jeff is a meat eater is discrimination.There are two major types of discrimination: institutional and individual.Let's say that Jeff and Eddie don't like each other because of their culinary preferences.They can still manage to get along at work and act okay around each other.


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