Essay On Tale Of Two Cities Theme

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Charles Darnay also is influenced, to the point of asking Lucie to marry him—and bring new life into the world.

Lucie accepts, and thus forms a family tie that will prove essential when Darnay becomes imprisoned in later years.

Resurrection, or coming back to life from the dead, has been a constant fascination in world culture.

Mythologies from Ancient Greece to Rome feature gods, heroes, and creatures like Osiris, Orpheus, and the Phoenix that come back from the dead, often in a new form.

Imprisoned unjustly, his intellect—and all that was sane in his brilliant mind—dies.

Enter Lucie Manette, his daughter, glowing with life and youth.His 18 years in prison for threatening to expose the crimes of the corrupt aristocrats the St.Evremonde brothers have robbed him of his previous life.And Christianity, the predominant religion in the Western world, is built on belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens' 1859 novel about the French Revolution, resurrection is a common theme, though no characters are literally brought back from the dead.Instead, we see various types of spiritual resurrection. Manette being 'recalled to life' after 18 years in prison.And it ends with Sydney Carton achieving a form of resurrection through sacrificing himself.While standing on the platform awaiting the guillotine, Carton has a vision of a beautiful and renewed Paris, suggesting another type of resurrection.The old regime of France had to die, and though the Revolution had descended into vengeance and blood lust against innocents like Darnay, the book suggests that out of this violence a new and better city will be born.When we first meet him, he has no memory of his previous life or family. Manette is resurrected, regains his memory, and reestablishes himself as a doctor in London. Manette's resurrection opens the book, Sydney Carton's closes it.After a life spent as a drunk, self-loathing loser, Carton makes the decision to be executed in the place of his lookalike Charles Darnay, realizing Darnay, unlike himself, has a family to care for.


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