Essay On Traffic Jams

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This increase in fuel consumption costs commuters additional money for fuel and it also contributes to the amount of emissions released by the vehicles.

These emissions create air pollution and are related to global warming.

And at the end of the day, the afternoon rush hour is again a frustrating time because the workday is done and people want to get home to relax, and traffic is preventing it.

These delays are the effects most people feel because they are universal to everyone who has to maneuver through congested roads.

This would mean that they would begin to make use of public transport instead, thus reducing traffic problems and pollution as well.

John Lennon Research Paper - Essay On Traffic Jams

Another benefit would be that much more use would be made of public transport if it was improved.

Road rage is a senseless reaction to traffic that is common in congested traffic areas.

If someone is not driving as fast as the person behind him thinks he should, or someone cuts in front of someone else it can lead to an incident that is dangerous to the offender and those around him on the road.

You are asked to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of introducing such a policy to tackle the issue.

This question is very clear, and it does not specifically ask you for an opinion.


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