Essay On Visit To The Zoo

My father bought the tickets and we entered the gate. We saw kangaroos, elephants, stags, deer and ‘Neelgai’ etc.

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The children's zoo in centrally located Okinawa City is a huge place.

In addition to the municipal zoo, the park hosts a children's interactive learning facility, a huge park with a manmade lake, paddle boats, and an amphitheatre capable of hosting concerts and shows.

The teachers in this course carried us to visit the Guadalajara's zoo and that day was very strange.

A day full of fun became into a worry, because our bus was damaged. we went to the zoo by bus, there we sang funny songs and one of the theachers taught us how to do different figures in a piece of paper.

One day I was sitting on the sofa thinking what prank to play on the other members of the family, my uncle walked in.

He asked me, “Nakul, would you like to visit a zoo? As we entered the zoo, I could hear the chirping of birds.Additionally, every Christmas season, the whole park is decorated appropriate to the holiday season and opened in the evening hours so everyone can enjoy the holiday lights.During these two times of the year, the park actually lives up to its potential.The zoo is one of the largest in the country spread in a vast area of 35 acres, approximately.The zoo is thickly vegetated with a large variety of birds and animals.We firstly visited the Birds’ section, which was a colourful treat to our eyes.This section was echoing with the chirping of the birds all They also have one municipally owned and operated zoo that due to a host of reasons has seen better days.” My joy knew no bounds and I jumped out and got ready in a jiffy! To enter the zoo, we needed to take an entry ticket. My uncle spared a moment to buy me a chocolate ice- cream; I wish he had bought a stick ice- cream, rather than a cup ice- cream so that I don’t litter the place. We saw that the branches of some of the trees touched the ground. There were birds like pelicans, nightingales, peacocks, owls etc.For the first time I saw a white peacock, the sight was fascinating. There were also big frogs, lizards; that were double the size of what I’ve seen at home.Tourists and their families are more often than not, prefer to stay at a luxury resort and enjoy the first class amenities offered right at the hotel.Local people head for the air conditioned comfort of the shopping malls.


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