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The success of the gift is determined by how much the receiver likes it, not how much the giver does.Challenging work, good money, and respect can act as effective motivators for most of the people.It would enable you to comfortably look people in the eye and make you look more confident.

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Part of the fear is that if you do well this time, you will have to top yourself next time too.

This need for perfection is often a reflection of self-esteem problem.

People come to understand that failing is just failing. Simply, they were unable to do it and life goes on. However, while taking risks, there are some things to be kept in mind. If you begin by taking big risks, you are almost guaranteed to fail.

Only if you succeed in a small risk, then take a larger one. Surround yourself with nurturing people, and be open to their feedback.

While some things do need to be perfect, if you are 80 per cent, you are already ahead in the game.

It should not be forgotten that there is something called average because that is what the majority of the people can do.

However, being generally nice and giving constant praise to people regardless of their behavior is not motivation.

Gifts another kind of motivators is like a Christmas present.

To become more self-esteeming, think more highly of yourself and start owning, appreciating, accepting, and becoming more comfortable with yourself.

With an increase in self-esteem, less and less situations will seem to be fraught with peril.


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