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colour variations include white, purple, Buford bronze, opal, midnight, charcoal, jade, and taupe, as well as the sex-linked colours purple, cameo, peach, and Sonja's Violeta.

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Chicks of both sexes in all the species are cryptically coloured.

They vary between yellow and tawny, usually with patches of darker brown or light tan and "dirty white" ivory.

Alternately-coloured peafowl are born differently coloured than wild-type peafowl, and though each colour is recognisable at hatch, their peachick plumage does not necessarily match their adult plumage. Although albino peafowl do exist, this is quite rare, and almost all white peafowl are not albinos; they have a genetic condition called leucism, which causes pigment cells to fail to migrate from the neural crest during development.

Leucistic peafowl can produce pigment but not deposit the pigment to their feathers.

Peafowl is a common name for three species of birds in the genera Pavo and Afropavo of the Phasianidae family, the pheasants and their allies.

Male peafowl are referred to as peacocks, and female peafowl as peahens.

Hybrids between Indian and Green peafowl are called Spaldings, after the first person to successfully hybridise them, Mrs. Unlike many hybrids, spaldings are fertile and generally benefit from hybrid vigor; spaldings with a high-green phenotype do much better in cold temperatures than the cold-intolerant green peafowl while still looking like their green parents.

Plumage varies between individual spaldings, with some looking far more like green peafowl and some looking far more like blue peafowl, though most visually carry traits of both.

The Indian peacock has iridescent blue and green plumage, mostly metallic blue and green, but the green peacock has green and bronze body feathers.

In both species, females are as big as males, but lack the train and the head ornament.


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