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Help menu enhancements The help menu now contains additional options so teachers can better understand where and how to obtain information and assistance.

Turn In button improvements for students The turn-in process for students completing a multi-activity assignment has been enhanced to help prevent students from accidentally turning in incomplete assignments.

The post is entitled English Teachers Group Opposes Machine-Scored Writing and Catherine Gewertz concludes the post with this assessment: The viability of artificial-intelligence scoring on the common assessments is a powerful cost manager for the two groups of states that are designing tests for the common standards.

If they decide that humans must score the essays, the expense of the tests soars.

When the spread view is available in a book, the user can select 2 Page View in the reading pane and then use the may take 1-2 minutes.

We are working to shorten this delay for a future release.As they progress through the activities, the activity tabs indicate when they are Completed or In Progress.For activities that do not provide embedded tools to submit their work, the activity tab provides a Mark As Complete option.Score value ranges for Essay Scorer enhanced The Essay Scorer has been enhanced to display a broader range of score values and progress bars have replaced stars to better indicate the student's score.As students complete an untrained essay assignment, they can view an overall score represented by a progress bar.Students have single sign-on (SSO) access to passes the student’s score for each scored assignment to Google Classroom so teachers don't have to manually copy and paste scores between the two systems.Create content in MY LIBRARY Teachers can now create content directly in the recently added MY LIBRARY.If the student clicks Send to Teacher before they have completed all of the activities, a confirmation box appears, prompting them to confirm if they are really ready to turn in the assignment.2 Page View Teachers and students using the Default or Early Learning theme in the web, Chrome, Windows, or i OS apps can now open some books in a two-page spread view for easier reading.The student can then choose Keep Going to complete the activities, or Turn In All again to turn in the assignment with incomplete activities.Send to Teacher enhancements for Early Learners The turn-in process for students using the Early Learning theme has also been enhanced to help prevent students from sending the assignment to the teacher before all of the activities are complete.


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