Essay Shoppers With Goals

For most people, writing down your inventory information, either on paper or a computer, makes it more real plus it allows you to review and evaluate it frequently to stay focused on your achievements.

While there are many different aspects of your life that can be inventoried, let’s start with a few that can help you understand the process and easily get started.

Ask questions to find out what events might be planned in the family.

If there is a family event, ask what you can do to help make it special. Is there a community center nearby for people with similar interests or that offers classes or social events that you can either get to on your own or find transportation to get you there?

Recognizing the physical abilities you have now as well as identifying those you think you can work on acquiring or improving is an evolving activity.

The plan is to take a snapshot of your physical status on a frequent basis so you can review it to come up with an overview that is accurate.Set up a routine to gradually increase practicing these exercises and monitor progress weekly Monitor for two weeks your sleep and rest patterns to better understand how your body reacts and responds Make a list of household tasks that need to be done.Divide the list into those tasks you can do now, those you think you might be able to work towards accomplishing, and those that you need accommodations or help with now.If you are not as mobile as you’d been in the past, or if you have an illness that can be treated with a change in diet, ask your doctor or find a nutritionist to discuss best foods to help you get the nutrients you need while keeping your weight and/or illness in check until you are able to exercise effectively.Of course physical abilities can change on an hourly, daily, or yearly basis.Despite challenges you face and obstacles that may undermine your current situation, there are plenty of things you can explore, research, and try to create opportunities for success.It takes some time to evaluate yourself and your unique situation.You can begin by taking an inventory of aspects of your life today and then identifying a goal that you would like to reach in that area.Some people like to do this type of personal inventory with a family member or friend.Under the second category, create a plan for how to break down a task into manageable chunks.For instance, if doing laundry feels overwhelming, identify the steps (sorting, washing, drying, folding/ironing/hanging up, putting away clean clothes) and the ones you can do now.


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