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Learn More When Rob Rennich meets with his Ohio University RAs, he engages them in building multi-colored bottles of sand—a creative activity that provides an opportunity for students to receive frequent feedback from their peers and visually see how they are acting on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.

Learn More Combining personal reflection, thoughtful discussion, and a physical team-building activity, University of West Alabama educators and administrators Dr. Jan Miller provide the resources you need to help your students understand more fully what it takes to Enable Others to Act. Students can learn how to lead by using Kouzes and Posner's five proven leadership practices.

For a program with such vigor, these two facilitators do an amazing job of creating a safe, fun, and functional learning environment." "The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership are everywhere.

And as important as it is to exhibit those qualities yourself as a leader, it is just as critical to see them in others, and to be driven and inspired by other people’s leadership." "I feel that a program like this could really work in helping to eventually change our culture within our schools, homes, and businesses.

The Five Practices are identifiable and learnable skills allowing an individual to improve by receiving feedback and observation and by setting goals." "And so again [leadership development] becomes foundational, it becomes a foundational understanding of living your values, of challenging the process to make things better, enabling others to act.

It’s not just delegating, it’s about giving people the passion and the power to it themselves." "Student leadership challenges are quite similar to adult challenges, and yet they differ as wel­­l– in scale and in the power of peer perspective.

Strong leaders are highly sought-after worldwide, and many universities pride themselves on nurturing the next generation of leaders, innovators and decision-makers.

For this reason, leadership scholarships commonly offered; universities are keen to attract and support students who show leadership potential – as a way to nurture an innovative spirit on campus, as well as ensuring an alumni community full of impressive achievements.

By defining and measuring specific leadership behaviors, the "The authors set out to teach college student leaders to understand what it takes to be an effective leader, to inspire them to find their own unique skills and abilities, and to explore and discover where their leadership will make the most difference in the lives of others and in the success of their organization.

I believe they have succeeded." "Beth and Gary are so personable that I was totally comfortable asking anything.


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