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Immediately, at least in MBA admission circles, it became the equivalent of the infamous “Peanut Butter” memo from a disillusioned Yahoo executive.

It spread around the net like wildfire, and many applicants copied the style.

Until that point, it never occurred to me that he could have had a different background, which included being gay.

I assumed that because of a few common factors, we were similar and I knew him well. As a result, I had inadvertently failed to recognize that [deleted] comprised a set of unique values and experiences that I could learn from. That meeting, and my subsequent interactions with [deleted], left an indelible mark in my mind.

In an interview with Poets&Quants, he says the woman who penned the essay was admitted to Stanford but actually enrolled elsewhere.

“We admitted that person despite that essay,” says Bolton. That’s why there is a market for anything somebody peddles to help get people into business school. People will follow people if they think there is something that could help them.” Partly for amusement, partly for the historical significance, we reprint the essay in its entirety (certain words are deleted to conceal the identity of the author): A famous saying at Disney goes, “…it all started with a mouse.” For me, the equivalent should read, “It all started with a tortilla.” A tortilla?

I thought to myself, “That’s odd…I haven’t had a tortilla in ages. Gone were the days of having a tortilla with dinner every night – life, as I knew it, had changed.

That was when I realized I had to make a choice: continue on the same parochial path and remain content with what I learned back at home, or explore what these new people and experiences had to offer. My decision to breakout of old mindsets and embrace diversity enabled me to open up to new people and ideas.

Was it an indication that Stanford doesn’t take essays as seriously as other schools in its admissions process?

Or were people being too harsh in judging the quality of the essay?


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