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Stella refuses to believe in this but Mitch confronts Blanche and despite her begging for forgiveness he leaves her.Closer to the end of the story when Stella goes to the hospital to have a baby, Blanche and Stanley stay alone in the apartment.

Writing A Streetcar Named Desire essay might be a very time consuming assignment since you will ideally have to read the whole play.Later Blanche meets one of Stanley’s friends Mitch, who is gentler and more courteous than Stanley and the rest of his buddies.A romantic relationship develops between them during which Blanche convinces Mitch of her conservative views and her naiveté.It had great success both in the USA and in Great Britain and subsequently was made into a movie.It tells a story of Blanche Du Bois, who after losing her family’s estate Belle Reve comes to live with her sister Stella in New Orleans.But Stanley who also took dislike to Blanche ruins their romance by telling everyone the truth about her.He had discovered that she was dismissed from her job because of getting into intimate relations with one of the pupils and that she had gained a very bad reputation in her home city because of her promiscuous behavior.Stella is married to a working man named Stanley Kowalski and is expecting to have a baby from him.Blanche is shocked by their apartment and the conditions they live in and constantly expresses her dislike toward Stanley calling him rude and common.It is important to remember that you should not talk about plot in your essay.If you are a high school or college student it is already assumed that you can manage to understand the plotline.


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