Essays On Air And Space Power Vol. Ii

Essays On Air And Space Power Vol. Ii-90
The crisis in Ukraine quickly highlighted why collective security in Europe is still required.

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Having determined that diversity and inclusion are requisites for effective operations, Air Force senior leaders recently unveiled new proposals for increasing those qualities within the service.

Designed to strengthen the Air Force, diversity and...

Wide area surveillance (WAS) systems provide a distinctive ability to monitor a significant portion of a threat's physical operating environment.

The importance of this capability has driven defense research and acquisition investments toward...

Unbeknownst to many people, the fundamental structure of the Internet is changing for the first time in its history with the exhaustion of Internet protocol version four (IPv4) and the transition towards IPv6. In the January-February 2015 issue of Air and Space Power Journal, Capt Adam Young in his article "Employing Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance: Organizing, Training, and Equipping to Get It Right," astutely presented a model...

On 23 September 2014, a B-52H bomber at high altitude north of Guam accomplished an aviation first--the release of a winged, precision aerial mine.

The precise application of combat power from the air has been of strategic importance to the Alliance since NATO’s inception.

Time and again, NATO and its Member Nations have turned to Joint Air Power as the first, and in some cases only, military response option.

It provides Airmen the foundational education required for the profession of arms, as well as exposure to new ideas and career fields.

The comparative advantage that it once held over the rest of the world's military powers has gradually declined, while both state and nonstate actors have become more aggressive and confrontational...


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