Essays On Animal Testing For Medical Research

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They too can feel pain, experience emotions, know fear, and think about their safety.

Animals who are used in experiments are not giving their consent.

During testing, animals are put through procedures that are often painful or that cause severe psychological trauma.

In many cases, the tests prove to be deadly for the animals involved, or at least leaves them scarred for life.

However, evidence shows that companies can use various other methods to test their products.

And in most cases, those methods are more reliable than animal testing.If nobody would buy these products, the companies would be forced to chance their texting methodology.An estimated 26 million animals are used every year in the United States for scientific and commercial testing.During testing, the basic rights of the animals are infringed.I think that one of the best methods of preventing animal testing is to stop buying products that have been tested in this way.All mammals, including humans, are descended from common ancestors, and all have the same set of organs (heart, kidneys, lungs, etc.) that function in essentially the same way with the help of a bloodstream and central nervous system.When testing medicines for potential toxicity, the lives of human volunteers should not be put in danger unnecessarily.Conclusion In conclusion, it is morally wrong to test new products and substances on animals, even if it is to make the product safe for human use.More and more people are opposing animal testing and many companies have begun to change their testing methods to avoid animals.They don’t have enough experience with academic writing to be able to write efficiently.However, there is something you can do to significantly speed things up.


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