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Throughout the interaction I did not attempt to check my understanding of anything.I had opportunities in 12 I could have checked what was being said.This is a simple measure that contributes to all other factors discussed.

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I realize I don't have to be perfect, but I must try to avoid being defensive when relating to the client.

I must be able to put myself in the client's shoes, try to be genuine being able to understand them and communicate this to them.

Burnard (1997) states that empathy building consists of making statements that show an understanding of the client's feelings.

They should reflect what is implied as well as what is said overtly.

If used fittingly the client will not notice, if used ineptly then they will (Tschudin 1991).

Selective reflection on the other hand is one in which the counselor echo's what has been said not at the end of the sentence but from the middle.

Effectively this is an ability to read between the lines, allowing the client to disclose further as they see you understand them more.

As seen above in 7 I could have been seen to be more empathic by noticing that although she implied it was okay, her non-verbal signals indicated otherwise.

I feel that it would have been even more beneficial to have just said, "I sense your frustration, yet I'm confused at what it's with" again I see this statement as an aid to further exploration.

Further illustration of my inability to build empathy is evident in 6 I lead the conversation to what I think is the root of the problem.


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