Essays On Disability Discrimination

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Thompson (1993, p19) states that: "P refers to the personal or psychological; it is the individual level thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions.

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Disability Discrimination Disability right commission is one of the most questionable things when it comes to jobs and sports.

Handicap people should be treated the same as other people because they are normal people the only thing is that they can’t hear or they have to be in a wheelchair all the time.

Oppression often involves disregarding the rights of an individual or group and is a denial of citizenship." To fully comprehend discrimination and oppression within society on different levels and to truly begin to work toward an anti discriminatory practice Thompson introduced the PCS model.

There are three levels to be observed these very often over lap and are embedded within each other.

A specified group of service users will be focussed upon and by using the Thompson PCS model of analyses the different levels of discrimination and oppression they may experience within society will be explored.

Essays On Disability Discrimination

Finally possible ways of working in partnership and empowering these service users will be discussed.

A lot of people think that people with a disability aren’t going to find a job, but in reality how many people have you seen working in stores that have a disability.

People with a disability are just like everybody else and society should change the way they treat them because sooner or later everyone will get there.

S refers to the structural level, the network of social divisions; it relates to the ways in which oppression and discrimination are institutionalised and thus ‘sewn in’ to the fabric of society.

It denotes the wider level of social forces, the socio-political dimension of interlocking patterns of power and influence." There are many groups within society that experience discrimination and oppression but for the purpose of this essay older people will be used as an example of service users, in which we will begin to identify different levels of discrimination and oppression they might face.


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