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One of the results was that young people of the day felt estranged from society and often isolated from each other.

“Hills Like White Elephants” is one of Hemingway’s most poignant inquiries into the nature of this isolation and estrangement.

No doubt, the man and the girl are in an extremely tense situation.

She is pregnant and he wants her to have an abortion.

Women, they argue, are portrayed as a corrupt influence on men, somehow diluting their masculine powers.

In Hemingway’s short story, “Hills Like White Elephants,” we discover a female character, Jig, who contradicts this conventional theory.Courage to Face Challenges True heroes demonstrate courage in all aspects of their lives, not just on the battlefield. She is willing to call the situation what it is, to speak out, if sarcastically, about their shallow relationship.“That’s all we do isn’t it—look at things and try new drinks?Hemingway married Hadley Richardson in 1921 and they moved to Paris, where he participated in the community of expatriate writers. Hemingway loved his son, but also wished he could enjoy the freedom of his bachelor and courting days.But many issues put their relationship under strain, including Hadley’s losing of Hemingway’s original manuscripts during a train trip to Switzerland. By the time of Hemingway’s divorce from Hadley and marriage to Pauline in 1927, he still had... The collection included several important stories, stories that have been closely examined by critics almost since the day of their publication.” It seems that she is brave enough to go through with the pregnancy while he is too selfish and afraid, “But I don’t want anybody but you.I don’t want anyone else.” He cannot face up to the change and challenge that life brings them. (The entire section is 849 words.) Hemingway’s characters lived during a time of social and political uncertainty.He has placed his characters on a desolate train station, halfway between Barcelona and Madrid, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.Symbolically, two train tracks run in opposite directions, parallel but never meeting. and the country was brown and dry.” On the other side “were fields of grain and trees along the banks of the Ebro.” In this setting, the choice between fertility and sterility, between life and death, is clearly presented.The 1923 birth of their son John, nicknamed ‘‘Bumby,’’ compounded things, as ‘‘the baby's presence . Among the stories in the collection, however, ‘‘Hills Like White Elephants’’ has become the most widely anthologized and the most frequently taught.The story continues to generate scholarly interest and heated debate among students.


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