Essays On How To Kill A Mockingbird On Prejudice

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After the trial and Tom Robinson’s death, Bob Ewell holds grudges on Atticus, Judge Taylor and, for no reason, Tom’s wife Helen.

He attempts Christian Doma to rob Judge Taylor and fails, he threatens to ‘chunk’ Helen.

There are many themes in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, racial prejudice being the most outstanding.

It is shown clearly in Bob Ewell at the time of Tom Robinson’s trial, Lula at the First Purchase church, and during the scene when Scout, Jem, and Dill are talking about the biracial children in Maycomb.

It is also shown in the character of Lula when Calpurnia brings Scout and Jem to the First Purchase church, and also when Jem, Scout and Dill talk about the biracial children in Maycomb.

The most racist person in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ would be Bob Ewell.The most powerful theme in this novel is racial prejudice.There are many references to this in the novel and is best shown in Bob Ewell’s character during and after the trial of Tom Robinson.The three main types of prejudice are racial, social and gender.As Scout and Jem mature they both see all the evil that is in their small, old town of Maycomb, Alabama.During the trial Atticus, the defendants lawyer, asks Heck Tate about Mayellas injuries, he says that she had been beaten and bruised, with a black eye on the right side of her face.Atticus then asks Bob Ewell to write his name on an envelope. To Kill a Mockingbird essay William Hazlitt once said “Prejudice is the child of ignorance”.In To Kill a Mockingbird the author, Harper Lee, illustrates this idea through real life events.Jem and Scout were scared out of ignorance, they believed everything they heard from other people but never actually had a hint of any knowledge about Boo Radley or why never comes out of his house.They start to receive gifts from Boo although they don’t know it right away because it was in the knot of an old tree by the Radley lot.


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