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I vividly remember walking in downtown Indianapolis and meeting a homeless person holding a card with "I can write a computer program in exchange for food" written on it.

As a computer science major this quickly caught my attention as I wondered how a person who could program was homeless and alone in America; a country I always referred to as the land of opportunities.

I also met someone from Sudan who came to America as a war refugee.

Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan for him, and he is now homeless.

Being mean included yelling at me because they wanted their back packs urgently although I had to go over at least three hundred bags while searching for the one they needed.

I would try to remain calm and patient, explaining why it took me time to locate bags but my explanations always fell on deaf ears.

He did not believe that I was from Africa, and he started asking questions about the Zimbabwean president and the government in order to verify that I was really from Zimbabwe.

He went on to ask me questions about Sudan and luckily I knew a little bit.

We were shown where we would sleep, and it was on the floor; fortunately we had carried sleeping bags.

In addition to staying at the homeless shelter, we also took part in chores, which reminded me of the mission high school I went to where doing chores was a requirement. This was my first direct interaction with the homeless.


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