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Former Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow @K_Loukerenko @Hromadske Radio discusses this question and more in a Q&A with @DWJ88 UCysm9ED How does disinformation impact politics and publics?

Former Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow @K_Loukerenko @Hromadske Radio discusses this question and more in a Q&A with @DWJ88 UCysm9ED How does disinformation impact politics and publics?As part of our issue brief series, we explain the tactics used by political actors to shape the information environment Fj6cd DNB @DWJ88 GAS1P6 Democracy Research News is the electronic newsletter of the Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI), a membership association of institutions that conduct and publish research on democracy and democratic development.

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While the character of the Senate, the scrutiny of Question Time, and the probing of parliamentary committees constrain the power of government, the Parliament has, however, remained a forum dominated by Ministers of state.Yet because they failed to heed warnings that parliamentary government would become party government, the founders relied on untenable transplanted conventions about accountability through independent parliamentary votes and the compulsion that Ministers must be, or become within three months, a member of either House.The founders hoped conventions would reconcile the hybrid British and American model of Australian government. PM Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow Agon Maliqi discussed how to bolster domestic constituencies for liberal democracy in the Western Balkans.A panel of experts elaborated on larger regional and geopolitical trends and ways to counter the influence of authoritarianism.Today's system of party, rather than parliamentary, government is the result of gaps left in the Commonwealth Constitution.This paper explores the implications of this folly for the Commonwealth Constitution.For those seeking to establish responsible government in Australia, these were not wise assumptions for the coming century.The fusion of the non-Labor parties and the emergence of a disciplined and increasingly successful Labor Party at the end of the Parliament's first decade set the pattern for a century of two-party parliamentary politics.The ideal of a chamber which is a forum for discussion followed by the casting of votes free from party discipline remains fanciful.While party discipline has not been absolute, and members have on occasion crossed the floor, government defeats in the House, as seen in 1941, remain the exception rather then the rule.


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