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In Pleasantville, the two adolescents transported from the radical 1990s into the American Literature Essay In this essay the writer will discuss how literature shapes or reflects society.The writer will use multiple sources to support his opinions.

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Literature shapes and reflects society in many different ways.

Literature teaches actually a little dismal the way he describes Salem as a dying seaport. A dying seaport, Salem hosted a customhouse filled with appointees with little or nothing to do.

Sometimes, when people feel restricted, they need someone to show them that life is inside of them, and that individuals can make all the difference in the world.

The movie presents David's fascination with the sitcom "Pleasantville" as a symptom of his yearning for a world where he won't have to deal with his parents' broken marriage, the threats of diseases, his potential future to end up as a failure.

Pleasantville has no emotion with everything always the same; that is until "Bud" and "Mary Sue" show them that life doesn't have to be monotonous and boring.

Freedom has the power to change the way the world looks.The setting and the correlation of the weather to the mood of the characters plays a prominent role in the furthering of the plot; the actual time period and setting of the story and the specific Pleasantville If you think about it, today’s world is not such what we call “user-friendly” place.Unemployment, severe diseases, global droughts and other dreadful natural disasters that are about to happen to our lives.These two are complete opposites, but learn the same lesson, that life "is not supposed to be anything." The people themselves are contrasted to the real world, all of which are perfect.For David, the perfect world of Pleasantville is an escape from the harsh realities of his less-than-perfect life.Some of the sources will be over the stories we have read as a class.The writer believes that these stories reflect society and also help make this country what it is today.Also in both utopias there is something or someone that challenges the "perfect" world because they do not believe it is perfect and thinks that it needs to be changed How are we made aware of the filmmaker's attitude towards change? With the constant interactions of people and the advancement of ideas, it is impossible to keep things the same for even a few seconds.Gary Ross' Pleasantville examines people's reactions to change in their comfortable way of life, and parallels America's experience with racism and the world's experience with anti-Semitism.Pleasantville is introduced by the clips of the TV marathon; this is an old 50's TV show.There is a boy called Everything everywhere is constantly changing.


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