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In Ontario, the Arbor Week is celebrated from the end of April to the first Sunday in May.If you own a house, celebrating such a day is a great chance to plant different trees and care about the future.

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The day which people dedicate to planting trees is called the Arbor Day.

Nowadays, this holiday is celebrated in different countries. However, the celebration date depends on the climate and season, which is the most appropriate for planting trees. Then, the priest and a large number of people planted the first tree. The priest suggested undertaking the initiative to all the neighbor towns. His aim was to introduce innovative technique in the agricultural industry.

The history of Arbor Day in Canada goes back to the time when Sir George W. The celebration of this day was combined with that of the Empire Day.

The reason for that was arousing children’s interest in making school grounds beautiful and evoking the feeling of patriotism.

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After celebrating this holiday in Nebraska, other states started celebrating their own festivities.

Now, the day devoted to planting trees is celebrated in each state on a different date.

The planting trees celebration that was held in Nebraska for the first time was successful. In 1884, such a day was celebrated for the second time.

Finally, in 1885, it was decided to make this day an annual holiday which would be celebrated on April 22, i.e. By the way, there is an informative web resource called https:// one can find a wealth of valuable information about celebrating such a day.


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