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Comforting the boy as he ran towards Okonkwo would have showed a sign of affection, a sign of weakness.

His emotions were complex, as his “manly” values often contrasted with his “unmanly” ones.

There would be no such thing as positions of authority, and the views of gender would have become a clashing conflict.

The “white men” believed that women were equal to man, though the Ibo society had never even considered.

The book is called Things Fall Apart because it suits the book.

Many things which are expected to last a long time suddenly fall apart due to circumstances.Okonkwo stood for bravery, courage, hard work, and felt violence was the only answer. Here, Okonkwo’s terror of his son behaving like his father is apparent. Secondly, another factor that leads to Okonkwo’s demise was his persistent aggressiveness and attempts to appear masculine in his society; it impaired his judgment on the actions that he took.Okonkwo lived in a society where males dominated, and Okonkwo often took advantage of this. “Nwoye was twelve years old but was already causing his father great anxiety for his incipient laziness. Even when he took Ikemefuna into his home and became close to him, he decided not to show any feelings because showing emotions was thought as being weak.After being released from prison, Okonkwo was furious and only looked to gain his revenge. When the messengers tried to put a stop to the meeting, Okonkwo killed the lead messenger.Okonkwo realized the tribe did not want to go to war, and he though they were weak and failed his test of what he considered to be masculine. He could no longer live in a world where masculinity, the very thing that drove him through his whole life, was no longer a part of his society.For example, Okonkwo showed his contradicting personality when he pursued Ekwefi into the forest in pursuit of Ezinma.This showed us the tender father beneath the tough, masculine veneer.He was not able to change with the values of both societies and the changing ways around him.He could not accept the fact that in a colonized society he would be an average person, rather than a distinguished and powerful male.The following is a perfect example of how Okonkwo allowed his masculinity to consume him and take control of his actions. ‘ He seized a heavy stick that lay on the dwarf wall and hit him two or three savage blows. 109) Okonkwo constructed his life on the principles of masculinity and a slight moment of weakness would ignite a fiery anger.Fire was used throughout the novel to symbolize Okonkwo’s nature; he was fierce and destructive.


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