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Some, for instance, like the term ‘duty’ as it occurs in ‘It is your duty to tell the truth’, may be regarded both as the expression of a certain sort of feeling about truthfulness and as the expression of a command, ‘Tell the truth’.

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According to this theory, obligations and duties should be conscientiously supported and followed by everybody when faced with an impasse (Hartman 2006).

It is quite evident that the employees in the sales division of Meta Life are not aware of the deontological theory of ethics.

This is due to the negative exposure received by the company over its deceptive practices leading it to settle huge class actions law suits.

Hiding and giving of excuses will not in any way help the public image of the company.

the company uses these workers for a certain period of time and do away with them once younger stronger workers become available while protecting their full time staff with easier tasks and extra benefits Value: Anglo-American claims to adhere by the Global code of ethics, which clearly states the respect of persons regardless of their background, Anglo-American have not fulfilled this law as they disrespect and dishonor the miners in Chile, while such behavior wont be tolerated in the UK their this speaks largely on how they disrespect people and lays a great emphasis on their integrity.

2.2 Ethics of rights: Ethical theories based on rights are created on basis of a community/state/country whom are protected and given highest priority.

For business leaders to be able to deal with any surprises and occurrences they need to be well acquainted with ethics and what it entails.

In this sense ethics refers to “well based principles of right and wrong that direct what we as humans ought to do, in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, equality, or particular merits.

Companies and business leaders around the world are constantly faced with a predicament of ensuring that their organizations and employees adhere to the scope of ethics and the nature of ethical obligations within their respective market industries.

The guiding and important underlying laws or assumptions required in a system of thought that supersede the choice of right from wrong are expressed and explained by ethical theories (Hartman & Des Jardins 2010).


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