Evolution Versus Religion Essay

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While I think that there might be some merit to this idea, I think one major fault of Wood's thesis is that he didn't bother to actually unpack and examine it.

He himself admits that "[i]nstead of citing historical examples or quoting famous writers, I’ll use a personal story to show why." From there, he extrapolates the viewpoints of the religious from his own perspective in grappling with the implications of evolution.

Jerome, had some fundamental problems with Pelagius' theology, and through their writings, they build on the writings of earlier Church Fathers to develop what we today know to be the Doctrine of Original Sin.

In Augustine's view - a view that, more or less, remains a vital part of most Christian Churches today - when Adam disobeyed God and ate from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, his sin implicated all of Mankind.

Himself a rather ruthless ascetic, Pelagius taught that Christ's life provided an ultimate example of a sinless life.

A sinless life that, he believed, all people were capable of.Before Augustine could rest on his laurels, he had a new challenger - a lay monk by the name of Pelagius.Pelagius (probably) came from the relatively young Church in the British Isles, and when he arrived in Rome he was more than  little shocked to see that the Christians closest to Rome weren't living in the way he thought Christ taught.That's why this discussion can often become incredibly heated and emotional.I think it's important to understand this so that there can be a fruitful dialogue in this area of science and theology.Thus, in their minds, evolution is completely incompatible with Christian teachings. The Catholic Church accepts evolution and Original Sin by interpreting the Fall as described in Genesis as a figurative event.Other denominations have worked evolution into their theologies in different ways, ranging from a basic acceptance of the Catholic view all the way to rejecting the doctrine of Original Sin completely.These can be summed up in a simple formula: we are not here to love one another. This means that, whatever aspirations we have, whatever loves we think we cherish, whirring beneath the entire mechanism of human social life is a bleak drive to win life’s game.This, in turn, implies that there all of life is ranked in order of how successful it is at this game.This Original Sin means that everyone - not just Adam - is doomed to damnation.For Augustine and, for the most part, all of Western Christian orthodoxy, Jesus Christ's death was seen as a sacrifice that nullifed Original Sin.


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