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All you have to do is sit down and describe your day – starting with waking up – as if you were writing it about another person.

- When I first began Writing 101 I only had skills from high school and creative writing, and had no experience writing in a college setting.

The reason I took this class was because it was a basic requirement for my studies.

For example: the sunset, brushing your teeth, looking up at the sky.

Your job is to rewrite these experiences in the most unique way you can using visuals that you don’t normally see in writing.

Since creative writing covers such a wide variety of writing, we wanted to break down the different types of creative writing out there to help you make sense of it.

You may know that novels are considered creative writing, but what about memoirs?Character development can be defined as the uncovering of who a character is and how they change throughout the duration of your story.From start to end, readers should be able to understand your main characters deeply.Your attic can even contain a portal to another dimension if you really want it to.In this creative writing exercise, you’ll start by reading.After you have 4 emotional states, write one page of each using dialogue and narrative your character would use.To start, choose a scene you wrote previously that has little to no dialogue, but is still very important.Write this in full, ending with the Tooth Fairy taking their first tooth.For this exercise, pick an overarching theme you want to focus on.Bella Rose Pope is the Content Creation Specialist here at Self-Publishing School.While she's not whipping up content here, she's creating her own Youtube videos, fiction writing tips blog posts, hanging out with her dog, and eating something with cheese!


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