Examples Of Executive Summary For Business Plan

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You will likely modify the executive summary slightly depending on its intended purpose.

Opinions vary as to the appropriate length of the executive summary.

The main theme of executive summary is to summarize main points of the document for the reader.

Include the main points of the business plan in a voice consistent with that of the language in the body of the plan.

Try to create anticipation for the body of the business plan that will follow.

Your objective should be to explain the product, service, or idea, the core business model, and the value creation process to the reader.

An executive summary is an important part of business plan.

It summarizes the key points and gives an overview of the whole business idea.

Hopefully, after reading the executive summary, the reader will approach each section of the business plan with a basic understanding of what the section includes and will explain in further detail.

Contents of the Executive Summary It depends on your business whether you are going to launch a new business or you already have an established business.


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