Excuses For Missing Homework

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They plot whole stories to produce a proper effect on the teacher.Sometimes it goes too far: The animals are proudly leading the chart of “why i didn’t do my homework” excuses. Then why don’t you try the following: Another variation of forgetfulness the students are inclined to.Some of the students have a real knack in homework excuses.

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Tomorrow, telling about your yesterday’s headache, don’t forget to say to the teachers that you did not dare to skip school even due to poor health and lack of homework. Unfortunately, no time is left for such daily trivialities as homework. D.’s are also constantly broken up with endless “A little walk, and then finish”, “A little food and then finish” and “I’ll do everything for the next lesson” thoughts.

School life can be real crazy, especially if you are a freshman.

Then, your teacher burst your bubble by dropping a load of homework for you to complete by tomorrow.

You can probably predict who’s going to be in the latter category as well. And, who doesn't like looking at pretty things while drinking coffee?

It looks like the story has been passed from generation to generation till you eventually heard it from parents.

Nowadays it looks more like a funny homework excuse.

All of those “extra-curricular” activities are good but if you stop using them as excuses for not doing homework that would be even better.

It sounds like you need a time for important things in your life and the school with its homeworks definitely doesn’t fit in the scheme of things.

Seriously, there’s no need to lie to your teacher about the homework you didn’t do using awkward hw excuses.

If you really experienced certain emergencies, it is better to tell the truth and if you didn’t exceed the limit of excuses yet, the odds are high you will be spared, voila.


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