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India has been celebrated for its art, literature and writing since ancient times.There are over twenty languages spoken in India and literature that includes over twenty of these languages.

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She was a courageous woman who did not fear writing controversial texts during the pre-partition era.

She suffered through tough times during the partition of India which influenced her to write the Punjabi novel ‘Pinjar’ (skeleton) which describes the helplessness of the women during that era and the discrimination they had to go through.

Since he was a feminist Chattopadhyay seemed it was urgent to write about the bigotry and patriarchal society.

His most popular works are; ‘Devdas’ (1901, published 1917), ‘Parineeta’ (1914), Biraj Bau (1914), and Palli Samaj (1916).

Here are some of the greatest authors in history and a little something about the works that they created.

Famous Authors of Antiquity These stories were epic poems that detailed Greek culture, including the geography, history, and ideals.His interest in reading was evident since a very young age and his hobby soon became a habit.He later graduated and decided to become a stay at home writer.Bond was born in Punjab, British Indian and attained his education in Shimla and after completion of high school he moved to the U. He started his career as a freelance writer and eventually got jobs as editor in various magazines. He belonged to a poverty-stricken family as his father had irregular jobs.It wasn’t until 1980 his novel was published which became widely admired amongst readers. However his father was a dreamer and a writer and it was his exuberance that inspired Sarat to become a novelist himself.Even though Tagore received his education in law he took great interest in Shakespeare and his literature.Therefore following his works he became a poet and author. He is best known for his epic novel ‘The Suitable boy’.He was a journalist, editor and novelist born in Hadli during the time of British India. Stephen’s College in New Delhi and King’s College in London.He initially started his career as a lawyer after which he got the opportunity to become the editor of important journals and magazines.After the runaway success she wrote many other novels which are famous throughout the Indian continent and the world.Some of the most famous ones being; The namesake, Unaccustomed Earth and The lowland.


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