Five Paragraph Essay Lesson Plans

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Let’s face it, teacher preparation programs don’t generally do a good job at teaching writing instruction.I went to the University of Pennsylvania for my graduate program, and while I learned a lot about education as a whole, two methods classes aren’t enough to teach anyone about what it really means to be a writer or to teach writing to others.

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Five Paragraph Essay Lesson Plans

No wonder when I started to teach eleventh- and twelfth-grade students that they struggled with writing and thinking beyond what the teacher required.I wonder what it means.) We also read Didion’s essay because it’s simply a beautiful piece of writing. And yes, her essay has an intro, body, and conclusion.I find that many high school students often need to be reminded that English is a language After a moment, the first hand goes up. Encouraged, more students offer responses: “Structured.” “Rigid.” “Intro, body, and conclusion.” “Thesis statement.” “Argumentative.” “Research.” “Formal.” “School assignment.” I then ask, “How much of what you just said describes Didion’s essay? But Didion’s essay is neitherfive paragraphs, nor is it rigid. It uses a first-person point-of-view, it shifts and moves, wonders and supposes.For Didion, a notebook was a place to remember how it felt to be her.As she points out, “We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget. It’s one of those classes that—less than a month into the school year—has already started to feel like a writing community. There are loads of other sites though that people could use. For example, you could check out a website like to help you out as well, but there are plenty of others that you could use. My AP Lang class and I are in the midst of finishing up our discussion of Joan Didion’s wonderful essay, “On Keeping a Notebook.” It’s a relatively small class: twenty-one mostly juniors who come together at the end of each day to read, write, talk, laugh, and yes, learn.They relied on the teacher to tell them what to do and how to do it. This suggestion, however, has never felt right to me.And generally, they produced writing that fit the criteria I outlined. A common argument for the 5-paragraph essay is that it can be a useful tool for students to organize their ideas. We all need help when we are learning something, especially something as complex as writing. One, most students never move beyond this single tool. It seems like a good compromise: we’ll keep the 5-paragraph essay and just add other types of writing.It’s the type of essay that Katherine Bomer so eloquently describes in These are essays in the wild, unbounded by rules and regulations, and we know that creatures are happier and more fiercely beautiful in the wilderness than confined in a zoo, like Rilke’s poor panther, who loses his vision of the world, grown weary from constantly passing by the “thousand bars” of his cage.Rather than conforming to the cage bars of any formula or template, these essays are driven by curiosity, passion, and the intricacies of thought.


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