Five Paragraph Essay With Transitions

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Whether you’re writing a technical report, an academic essay on 18th Century Russian Literature, a press release, or a public mission statement, there is always this problem: That at some point you finish talking about one thing, and now you need to talk about another, and somehow you have to make a connection between the two in the mind of the reader.

Students I’ve spoken with — especially students in the first two semesters of the composition program — express a great deal of trepidation when it comes to approaching this problem.

In writing your conclusion, try to grasp the feelings you have evoked in your reader and end your essay by using those feelings to add the final "sway" to your argument.

In retrospect, this final part of your essay should restate both your thesis and the points that support it in a way that unmistakably shows the reader how your reached the conclusions you've drawn.

Like all parts of a five-paragraph essay, the sequence of supporting points follows a particular format.

The Body: Each of the three paragraphs of the body of a five-paragraph essay is devoted to examining one of the three points that support your thesis.

I’ve been a writing consultant at UB’s Center for Excellence in Writing for little over a year now, and in that time — brief though it’s been — I’ve found that there are some fairly common patterns when it comes to what people are concerned about in their writing.

Since Linked In makes it so easy to publish clean, easy-to-read articles, and since the Linked In community seems like it should have a particular interest in how to write well (How many professions are there, really, where written communication isn’t a critical skill?

In addition, effective use of transitions adds continuity to your writing and cohesion to your essay as a whole.

The Introduction: The first paragraph introduces your thesis/topic to your readers and directs them to the points you'll develop in the body of your essay.


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