Frankenstein 5 Essay

When these limits are crossed, the natural order is destroyed.This interruption rebounds when the limits are crossed.

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Crossing Boundaries Mary Shelley has very beautifully woven the idea of the crossing limits in this novel.

Through Victor Frankenstein, she explains that humans have certain limits despite grand ambitions.

Victor’s attention to Waldman’s lectures and his obsession with the idea of creating a new life is equated to the crossing of boundaries set by nature.

Victor eventually pays the price as he loses his family members and friends until he dies while chasing the Creature.

Justine’s death signifies that entire the judicial process lacks responsibility when they punish an innocent.

In other words, individuals and society often fail to respond to their duties and responsibilities toward the family and community.Later, it proves to be fatal when the Creature begins to kill Victor’s closest family and friends.Injustice Another secondary theme in Frankenstein is an injustice.Victor plays God or pretends to become one to create life.His ambition of creating life and emulating his own creation fails.However, in the process of doing an unnatural thing, he creates a creature, who is also his enemy. Another alienation is of Robert Walton who seeks his sister’s love and writes her letters.Victor, too, seeks Elizabeth’s and his family members’ love as he alienates from them and immerses in the world of science.The creature, he has created, forces him to create a companion. In other words, Victor’s secret toil, as Mary Shelley had stated, was an unnatural and irreligious act which costs him dearly.The theme also signifies that interrupting natural order may cost lives and sanity and it is important to stay within boundaries.The Creature was helpless and innocent turns into a killer.Responsibility The novel, Frankenstein, highlights the theme of individual responsibility as well as social responsibility.


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