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Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation Of Dreams The purpose of the present paper is to discuss one of Sigmund Freud's books, namely "The interpretation of dreams." In order to better understand the importance of the book, it must be underlined right from the very beginning that Freud was the first person to turn the area of dreams into a scientific one. Do dreams have something to say about our unconscious desires or are they a mere reflection of our facts? Can dreams help us cure our psychological problems?While some must have considered such a practice strange at the beginning, the theories issued by Freud soon became famous all over the world and other people used began using them as a basis for further researches. These were some of the questions which Sigmund Freud came up with and which he tried to answer in the book which represents the focus of the present analysis.The symbolic phallus could also be found in the objects associated with running water, such as the pipes or the fountains.

Freud claimed that there such a thing called "latent content" and that this was responsible for the visual- manifest content of dreams.

The manifest factors were considered to be symbols, each having specific meaning.

He declared that the interpretation of dreams could be used as a tool in the processes of psychoanalysis, together with practices of hypnosis ad free association.

While this may have seemed unusual at the end of the nineteenth century, the practice has become common in the meantime.

Reading between the lines we understand that the universal symbols may have a specific meaning for persons which have undergone certain experiences.

Free association is another key element which will help the psychotherapist realize what is wrong with the patient.

A further theory which he brought about referred to the symbolic meaning of dreams.

Therefore, there is more to dreams than the reaction to what happens to our body during sleep.

The same was valid for passages, entrances, churches or fortresses.

A further association was made between female genitalia and materials such as wood or paper and all the objects made of them.


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