Global Environmental Problems Essay

Countries try to cope with this problem on the governmental level but such policies seem to be ineffective in such countries as India and China.The recent industrial development of these countries and life improvement resulted in overpopulation.People learned to obtain energy from different resources.

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We must open our eyes and face the problems we created.Nuclear power is very costly and can cause great environment problems as it can not be used and stored safely.Unfortunately, people forget that we are the integral part of nature.It influences the rise of World Ocean level and Arctic ice melting.The scientists have calculated that over several decades coastal countries and some islands can be engulfed by water.Ozone layer absorbs ultraviolet radiation that is harmful for people.The increased number of ozone holes result in intensive solar radiation and in the increase of skin cancer.People start building houses on the land of vast lands and forests.The excessive strive for luxury and greediness result in land degradation.Recycling of rubbish is the main concern of big cities.Landfills attract rats and crowns that influence in their population growth.


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