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A God-conscious society would act against injustices and do so out of a deep sense of awareness of their position as God’s representatives on earth.Such individuals are the real antidotes to the ill effects of globalization.Perhaps this is the path that nations must take for a universal community founded upon a common humanity.

For the first time in history we have the opportunity to convey to humankind as a whole the universal essence of each of our religions.

Instead of allowing narrow-minded bigots to monopolize the airwaves, why shouldn’t men and women with a universal outlook state their case through the global media infrastructure?

Regional groupings like APEC, GATT and WTO are totally committed to the same goal.

The nexus between big business, governments and regional and international institutions to create an environment for globalization is not an accident.

It has historic roots in colonization, hence why the dominant forces are based in the West.

Nonetheless, it would be wrong to describe globalization today as a replica of the Western colonial experience.

Justice, love and compassion that are part of all religions should propel goodness rather than form, ritual and symbol.

To the benefit of religion certain aspects of globalization have made it easier to transfer the all-embracing message of religion.

Globalization may well be one of the most serious challenges ever to the integrity of human civilization.

Since religion and culture hold some positive aspects it is important that it is not completely rejected.


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